lunes, 4 de enero de 2016

NOW AVAILABLE - The DaOrtiz Report!!

The opportunity for you to learn how to perform like Dani DaOrtiz has come

Many great magicians have already purchased and loved this book

You can read it very quickly

"I think you are spot on..." - Jason Messina

This ebook is published with Dani DaOrtiz' permission and blessing.

Magicians know that card magic is evolving. Card magicians are no longer looking for the latest "moves" and "techniques", no longer are they caring for more ways to deal seconds and bottoms. What they are looking for are psychological ploys and techniques that will allow you to create impossible magic.

Dani DaOrtiz is a new force in card magic. He revolutionized it. But how many times do you hear: "I would do that... If I were him". Many magicians feel that DaOrtiz' spontaneousness and carefreeness is not a match of their personality.

In this report I managed to analyze and study Dany's work both in English and Spanish, extract those presentational elements and present them in a way for you to incorporate it in your own work, while at the same time performing in your own personal style.
In this report you will find things like:
  • How to create impossible magic 
  • Perform magic in "DaOrtiz Style" while keeping your personal style
  • Have people like you more
  • Misdirect all the time without technique - just by the way you perform
  • Perform impossible to reconstruct magic
  • How to talk all the time - without patter
  • How to be totally carefree in your performance
  • Set up tricks in front of people's eyes!
  • How to be enthusiastic!
  • How to alter people's state of mind so they can't remember things
  • and much more ...
There are no tricks or techniques explained; only performance elements and psychological strategies.

Published in 2015 34 Pages ONLY $7

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